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Monday, August 25, 2014

Thoughts From a Minimalist Newbie

Click the image to watch my video on minimalism! 

I was first turned on to the idea of minimalism by Xandra of Fashionably Light. When I first found her blog, I had only a vague idea of what minimalism was. Like I mention in the video, I assumed minimalism meant everything had to be plain, black and white, and boring. Once I learned otherwise, I was fascinated by minimalism.

As someone who has had a beauty channel on YouTube, I hoarded tons of beauty products and fashion pieces. I lived a life on the other spectrum of minimalism. To make the switch to a minimalist lifestyle would be so different, but I almost felt like what it was exactly what I needed.

I feel like I've outgrown the days of collecting ridiculous amounts of make up trying out every product known to man. It's crazy to think that I used to hoard a whole drawer set full of make up. Since discovering Xandra and Coco (from Light by Coco) I've really been turned on to the idea of minimalism and I've been slowly making the switch. I've basically gotten rid of majority of my make up collection, downsized my wardrobe, and have been working on getting back to basics in every aspect of my life. 

If you watch my video on How to Become a Minimalist, I offer some tips on how to make the switch like I did! 

What are your thoughts on minimalism?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Five Things You SHOULD Splurge On

Hello all! I've decided that I need to spend a little more time and effort on my YouTube channel, so I apologize if my original blog content takes a backseat to that. Once I get into a routine I like with my vlogs, I'll be back at it again!
I know what it feels like to go shopping and feel guilty for spending so much money on something that I could've gotten a cheaper version of. But there are certain things that you really shouldn't feel guilty for spending a little extra cash on!
So here are five things  that you should shell out a little more money for...
  • A well made purse
  • Great shoes
  • A good foundation
  • Quality beddings
  • Good headphones
Watch the video to learn more about why it's good to spend more money on these things! 

What do you think should be added to the list?
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Monday, August 18, 2014

People You Should Surround Yourself With [Make It Magical #3]

Make It Magical is a series on finding the magic of every day life. Magic can mean many things. It can mean excitement, adventure, creativity, fun and more. In this series I share bits of my life and adventures that feel most magical to me.

A few weekends ago, I took the time to go up to Phoenix to spend time with my sister, Jon, Misha and Kayli. As an introvert, my "me time" is very precious, so I'm very careful (read: picky) about who I spend my time with. It's never anything personal, it's just me. 

Because I'm so picky about the people I invest my time in, quality time with those I do spend time with is usually just that--very quality. Regardless of who you spend your time with, how many people you spend your time with or how you spend your time with them, being around people whose company you love is very magical. 

I've heard a saying that says you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. That saying reminds me a lot about something my mom used to always say to me when I was younger; "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are." At the time I just thought she was just being an overly-strict and protective mom. I would roll my eyes at that phrase. Now, I totally get it. 

You become "the average" of the people you spend the most time with. Their traits become your traits. Whether you're hanging out with ambitious, positive, successful people or those with questionable morals and no drive or passion in life. . . that's what you become.

Take a look at the people you spend your most time with. You are just like them. Does that make you happy? I am completely satisfied with what I see when I look around me. I see passion, drive, success, ambition, positivity, spontaneity, loyalty. To hear more of my thoughts on the topic of relationships and those I surround myself with, watch the video! It's 2 minutes long and I'd love for you to join in on this discussion!

Are you happy with the traits associated with those around you (and, in turn, you)? Leave me a comment below! 

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Friday, August 15, 2014

What's in My Camping Bag?

Today's post is sponsored by U by Kotex, who is also providing free samples to all interested. Any and all opinions shared today are guaranteed genuine and my own under veritaserum.

Growing up in Honolulu made me both a city girl and a nature girl. Honolulu is densely populated, but we're also located in the middle of an ocean, surrounded by nature of all sorts. Recently, I've been bit by the travel bug, but unfortunately due to my new job, traveling is difficult. Also unfortunately, money isn't exactly bountiful right now, so Jon and I have been trying to do what we can.

Right now, we're planning a road trip + camping trip to Payson, AZ for our two year anniversary. I'm so excited to soothe my travel itch and unplug for a little while to do some hiking, fishing and--because Northern Arizona is a fantastic spot for it--some astrophotography.

Because I'm unable to contain my excitement I've already started planning what I'll bring with me. Below will be some of the contents of my backpack. All other essentials (such as camping/cooking/fishing gear...and apparently toothpaste and a toothbrush) excluded.

  1. JANSPORT BACKPACK // to hold things.
  2. MINI U OF A BACKPACK // for hiking and day adventures.
  3. BABY WIPES // for washing faces, bodies, hands and more.
  4. COMFY SHOES // for hiking and adventuring.
  5. NOT YOUR MOTHER'S DRY SHAMPOO // for "washing" hair.
  6. U BY KOTEX PADS W/ 3D CAPTURE CORE // to save the undies from bloody hell. Get your free sample and join the #savetheundies movement!
  7. LUSH ENCHANTED EYE CREAM // for beautiful eyes.
  8. HAWAIIAN TROPIC AFTER SUN // for moisturizing and smelling noms. 
  9. CETAPHIL MOISTURIZER W/ SPF 15 // for wonderful skin.
  10. PORTABLE CHARGER // for emergencies.
  11. IPHONE CHARGER // for charging.
  12. CAR CHARGER PLUG // for charging during the road trip.
  13. HAIR CLAW CLIP // for the perfect "half-do."
  14. HEART SUNGLASSES // for cute eye protection. 
  15. ALTOIDS SMALLS // for fresh breath on the go.
  16. IPHONE 5 // for music on the road trip and photos while camping.
  17. WALLET // for paying for things. 
  18. HOLGA CAMERA // for fun film photos
  19. WARM CLOTHES // for not freezing in the desert at night.
  20. COMFY CLOTHES // for comfortable adventuring. 
  21. PEN // for journaling.
  22. NOTEBOOK // for journaling in.
  23. TRIPOD // for photos with The Jahn, and astrophotography with my dslr (not pictured).
  24. FANGIRL // for reading by lantern in the evening.

NYX Eyebrow felt pen // Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner // Clinique Mascara // MAC foundation powder // eyelash curler // Nivea Honey + Milk Lip Balm // Eyeliner Brush. 
You may have noticed I skipped over the white Bebe pouch in the first photo. Now you know why. Make up isn't something I'll be spending a lot of time thinking about whilest camping, but in case I feel the need to apply I brought a very minimalist make up bag. 
What would you bring with you?
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P.S. Don't forget to grab your free sample here!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blog Design Sale!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you guys in on the sale I'm having for blog designs! Spots are still open, so even if you're just thinking about it and want more information first, shoot me an email. Also, be sure to sign up for my newsletter and follow me on twitter, because they're usually the first to get awesome info like this!

This special is just for Blogger/Blogspot users only! I personally host my site on Blogger, and so many people shocked to find this out. Blogger sites can be just as spectacular as wordpress sites and I can definitely help you achieve that. 

Any questions? Leave them for me below!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Easy Wall Decor

I personally cannot stand plain, and I especially cannot stand plain walls. A lot of what I use to decorate my walls are paintings and other art pieces I've done. It's usually the cheapest method of decorating my apartment. But, for those who need something a bit easier here's a great idea! 

I love displaying my photos. While I was able to invest in proper frames for my photography prints and other photos for a "gallery" in my living room, I wasn't able to do the same for photos in my bedroom. A quick easy way to make your photos look more polished is to lay them out like you would if they had frames, and use decorative tape instead! I even was able to fit my polaroids in there! How cool is that? Because my walls are textured and don't take anything sticky very well, I eventually added flat thumbtacks as reinforcement to keep them up. 

I also added some canvases with quotes on them and my grad cap! Easy peasy, and something pleasing I can look at until I can invest in some real frames and get a real gallery going. 

How would you decorate your walls?

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Monday, August 11, 2014

RE: Behind The Brand

This post is inspired by Amber from Ember and March who recently went through a rebrand. I loved her post on what her new brand stands for and what it means to her. So naturally, I wanted to share as well!


If you hadn't realized by now, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. Like, a wizard rock listening, Harry Potter convention going, uniform wearing fan. Long story short, some friends and I were pretending to have a battle (complete with official wands from the Ollivander's in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Orlando Studios). A friend of mine sneaks up behind me with his wand and I jump, accidentally snapping his wand. 

Being the huge nerds we are, we're all heartbroken. Luckily, I know my dad is extra handy (he built our house and would rather build something himself than buy it) so we take it to him and ask him if he can fix it. Again, long-story short, he does! It's magically as good as new, looking like it was never broken to begin with and we find out he has reinforced the wand with a stainless steel core. YES. You go, dad. And THAT is how my dad was dubbed a descendant of Ollivander, the wand maker. Being his offspring, I became Mo Ollivander. In 2011 I officially switched all my usernames to OllivanderMo. 


When I first started offering services to bloggers, I thought I wanted to be a "creative consultant" even though I wasn't sure what that meant. I've always been a creative person. I started writing fictional stories as soon as I learned how to write. The first time I put paint and paintbrush to paper in kindergarten it was bliss. My blog has always been more than just a place for me to write about my day. My criteria for content has always been that it need to be Interesting, Insightful, Entertaining or Educational. So the only thing that changed with my brand was to make those types of posts...but with the focus of always sharing creative insight. 


This was my way of combining my love of creativity with my love of Harry Potter, fantasy and magic. Magic equates to creativity in my mind. At first, my tagline was "Create, Make it Great, Make it Magical." To me, this meant embracing my creative and creator side. In my head, it meant being more of a creator and making things. Now, I've shorted it to Make it Magical, because I want to incorporate magic into all aspects of my life. I used to watch Five Awesome Girls back when they still made videos, and each video they shared "Why today was awesome." In Xandra's podcast, Fabulositea, they start each show with "What is your Fabulositea this week?" By using the tagline Make It Magical, I am constantly reminded to find "the magic" or "the spark" in everything I do and I want to encourage others to do the same.

What's magical in your life this week?

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