Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekly Wishes

Alright. So I kind of failed on my weekly wishes from last week. Other than my weekly wishes post, I only posted once last week. However, I did participate in the #Ambitionista twitter chat! It was loads of fun!
  • Do photo shoots for at least two of the upcoming blog posts I have planned
  • Start using my planner and get organized! 
  • Film a YouTube video
  • Catch up on all my favorite bloggers
  • Participate in 1-2 twitter chats this week
This week I hope to:
  • Film at least one YouTube video
  • Send out a newsletter for my blog
  • Get back into managing my blog's twitter
  • Do at least two blog posts this week
  • Concentrate on my "relationship" with me. 
What are your goals for this week? 
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sick Essentials + Get Well Secrets

During my hiatus, I managed to get sick a total of 3 times. Since flu season is here, I thought it appropriate to share some of my sick essentials and secrets with you.

Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea + Menthol Lemon Cough Drops
My friend Melissa shared this little secret with me and it is HEAVEN when you have a sore throat. The honey and chamomile in the tea is incredibly relaxing and soothing. The secret with this stuff though is to let the lemon cough drop dissolve in the tea. The benefits of a cough drop without the nasty taste, plus the warm awesomeness of tea.

Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken noodle soup is a given, but choosing a heartier soup will help you not starve when you're sick. I don't know about you, but for some reason I'm always starving when I'm sick. Seriously.

Appropriate Medicine
Don't be a hero (or a 5-year-old). Take your medicine. You're not helping your body by letting it suffer through that fever of yours.

Your Favorite Snack or Candy
Being sick can really get you down. You can't eat any of the food you normally want, and you can't do any of the things you really want to do. I always get myself a treat for when I'm sick, so that once I'm starting to feel better enough to have it, I have something to lift my spirits a little. No better way to jump into recovery than with chocolate.

Emergen-C or Airborne
Once you start feeling sick, or even after you get sick take some of this stuff to either ward off the sickness or shorten it. I stupidly skipped this part and ended up getting sick two more times. Learn from my mistakes, yes?


  • My mom used to pour apple cider vinegar into a shot glass, mix it with honey and make me take it for a sore throat. Disgusting, but it works.
  • She also used to make me hot lemonade for a sore throat. It also works...but now I associate lemonade with sickness.
  • Gargling warm salt water also helps.
  • Nasal sprays and inhalers help WONDERS as a quick fix for congestion. 
What do you do when you're sick? 

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekly Wishes

After going missing for almost 2 months, I'm finally making a comeback! What better way to ease my way back in the game than to partake in Weekly Wishes. This week, my goals are:
  • Do photo shoots for at least two of the upcoming blog posts I have planned
  • Start using my planner and get organized! 
  • Film a YouTube video
  • Catch up on all my favorite bloggers
  • Participate in 1-2 twitter chats this week
It feels like a lot and a little at the same time. I can't wait to get started though! I hope that even though I've been on a hiatus, you'll all welcome me back into the blogosphere once more! 

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Treat Yourself Favorites

Thank you to Lindt for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Lindt HELLO! While this post is sponsored, all opinions about any mentioned products are my own (spoiler: I love Lindt chocolate regardless of if they sponsor a post or not). Click here to enter the Sweet Connections Sweepstakes
I've been in a bit of a rut lately, so I've been trying to take special care of myself to avoid a complete mental breakdown. In doing so, I've found two new favorites of mine, which I thought I'd love to share with you.

There's been a lot of "treating myself" lately because I've needed many pick-me-ups. Not going to lie--I've been letting the magic slip through my fingers lately, so I've needed to find different ways to get it back. These are my current two favorite ways to get magic back into my life. 

Gala Darling has this self-paced course called the Radical Self Love bible. About a month ago, I signed up for it with the hopes that it would serve as a reminder of why I'm awesome on days that I can't see it myself. 
Each Sunday, I get an email with prompts to fill my Self Love bible with encouraging words and images. They range from writing down compliments you get from others, reminding yourself of all the things you love and that inspire you and more. I love spending a leisurely Sunday morning filling my bible (and head) with lovely thoughts. 
I've literally gone through four of these bars in the past week. I adore Lindt chocolate, and when I saw these new chocolates I had to try them. Then of course when Lindt reached out to me for their #itstartedwithHELLO campaign, I was all in. 

The Caramel Brownie ones are my favorite because...hello...caramel! Also, they have this interesting, crunchy texture to them because of the brownie. It's heaven. And it's also helped me through a bout of depression, that time of the month, as well as a sick day or two with the flu. Comfort food at its finest. 

Most days all it takes to get me in a good mood again is some time spent in the blogosphere or on YouTube. Sometimes it takes just the opposite. It's alright sometimes to step back from your responsibilities for the sake of your mental and physical health. Sometimes you need to unplug for a bit and get back to pen and paper and simple things like I've been doing this past month. I hope you guys are all understanding of my stepping back and I thank all of those who have been sending kind words and loving vibes my way. :) I appreciate it all. 

How do you find comfort + treat yourself? Leave a comment below!

BTW--Lindt is having a  Lindt HELLO Sweet Connections Sweekstakes where you can win prizes like dinner and a movie, shopping trips, gift cards and more! If you're interested in entering check it out here.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Victoria's Secret Sport Review

This post is not sponsored, however I would like to thank Influenster and Victoria's Secret for sending me a complimentary sports bra and workout capri to test and review as a part of a contest. All opinions are my own. 

When I got the email from Influenster saying that I was chosen for the new Victoria's Secret Vox Box, I was so stoked. I love Victoria's Secret! I mean, who doesn't? 
They sent me an Incredible sports bra and a pair of Knockout Capris. They're amazing! I love them and I would wear them to work out every day if I could!
Both are incredibly comfortable. The sports bra is great, but I do wish I had received a different style. The Incredible sports bra is for those who do a lot of high-impact exercise--something I don't. 
I prefer very low impact sports bras. I do a lot of dance, yoga and barre classes. Low impact sports bras provide me the freedom and flexibility to move like I need to. Since I don't run a lot (and my boobs aren't big) I don't need a whole lot of support. 
Originally, I was sent the colorful capris on the left below. I personally found them hideous. They also ran a little big for Mediums. 
I went in to Victoria's Secret at the mall and was given no trouble about exchanging them for another pair despite the fact that I had no receipt. 
I ended up going for a more neutral solid grey color and got them in a small. I love them! The Incredible bra has cups in them, so you need to get your exact bra size. 

I'll be honest--While I was stoked to have a new workout outfit, I probably would've never gone out and purchased these items on my own. 
Don't get me wrong...they are AMAZING but they are also incredibly expensive. This entire outfit would've been around $120 if I had bought it myself full price. 
If I had some coupons to use I would definitely consider buying more from VS Sport. They're high quality, comfortable and incredibly soft as well. 
Because I'm not super into working out though, I'm okay with my workout clothes from F21. ;) 
Where do you get your workout clothes? 
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Seahorse Photo App

I recently downloaded Seahorse, which is a new photo and video sharing app. Think Dropbox mixed with Facebook. You can upload "scenes" which are basically photo albums and invite your friends to them. If you're taking a trip with a group of friends, or want to share photos privately, Seahorse would be a great candidate!

It's perfect for sharing photos of my pup Misha with my boyfriend so that we have a collective photo album. After downloading the app, Seahorse will prompt you to do the basics like fill out your info and upload a profile picture. It'll also walk you through the basics like uploading a scene, adding friends and viewing your timeline!

It's a little hard to navigate at first, and to access certain features (like Magic and Flashback) you need to "unlock" them by completing certain tasks but essentially Seahorse could be very useful.

Friends can comment on your photos, and you never have to worry about anyone seeing anything. So basically, if you want to share those possibly risque photos of girls night out between friends without anyone seeing them, Seahorse is for you.

If you're interested, Seahorse is also offering an extra 5GB of storage space when you use the code CLEVERHORSE now until Oct. 31, 2014. To download the app you can click the appropriate links below;


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Benefits of a Solo-Lunch [Make it Magical #4]

Last Sunday, I found myself anxious to get out of the house for a change of scenery. None of my friends were available for lunch so I decided to do a solo-lunch at the outdoor mall in the Foothills (aka the rich mall). I ate my lunch at a slow pace, sipped on my soda and wrote letters to friends on the outside dining patio for close to two hours before lazily browsing through the shops. 

It's important to be comfortable and confident enough to spend time with just yourself. I know some girls who would feel insecure and awkward eating lunch by themselves. There's no shame in spending some leisurely time alone whether it be because you don't want to expend energy on other people, or because you want to get out of the house and no one is available. There are a number of reasons I love my alone-time.
  • Confidence building
  • Meditation and peace with my own thoughts
  • Relaxation
  • Rejuvination
  • No need for rushing

As an introvert, I feel perfectly at ease with myself and my thoughts. If you're interested getting over the "awkwardness" of being alone in public here are some tips. 

  • Read a book (fiction, non-fiction, spiritual. whatever captures your mind)
  • Bring a sketchbook and people watch+draw
  • Write in a journal, or write letters
  • Bring some busy work
If you're trying to have some relaxed, leisure time, I wouldn't suggest bringing your electronics along for the ride. Checking on your apps or emails during lunch can be very stressful. Plus, it can sometimes give off a vibe to others that you're uncomfortable with your thoughts and therefore need to constantly be on Facebook.

What do you like to do on solo-lunches? 

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